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“Beneficial Root Endophyte Interactions in Barley and Arabidopsis: Immunity, Metabolism and Cell Death”

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Thursday 27 February 2020, 11:00 - 12:30


Cell death is intricately connected with life in multicellular organisms. The balance between cell death, proliferation and differentiation shapes organ development and is critical for the maintenance of tissue homeostasis throughout life. Cell death also plays a central role in host-microbe interactions and pathogen defense. Colonization by the beneficial root endophyte Serendipita indica follows a biphasic strategy. After a biotrophic phase the fungus switches to a cell death associated phase restricted to the epidermal and first cortex layers which is needed for fungal accommodation in the roots and the establishment of symbiosis in barley and Arabidopsis. Using a combination of biochemical and cytological analyses, transcriptomics and proteomics, we have identified and functionally characterized several fungal derived apoplastic proteins involved in the subversion of the plant immune system and metabolism and in the manipulation of host cell death. An overview about these mechanisms will be given during the talk.

Location Jozef Schell Seminar Room
Contact Prof Alga Zuccaro
University of Cologne