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''At the crime scene of a cereal killer: New insights in the fusarium head blight disease complex of wheat''

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Thursday 23 January 2020, 11:00 - 12:30


In plant pathology, the response of a plant upon a pathogenic infection is often studied as a bilateral interaction between one pathogenic strain and one host. The outcome of this interaction is then typically determined by the mutual interplay of plant- and pathogen- derived signals, hormones and pathways. However, in an agro-ecosystem, disease development is the result of inter-species, inter-genera and even inter-kingdom interactions. These type of multipartite interactions make an interesting ‘crime scene’ for research on plants coping with multiple invaders at a time.  

In present talk, fusarium head blight (FHB) which is one of the most important fungal wheat disease worldwide will be introduced. It is caused by a complex of up to 17 different species but newcomers arise now and then driven by the variability in climate. Using phenomics and metabolomics tools, the complex interaction between wheat, different members of the FHB complex and other inhabitants on a wheat ear is unraveled. Finally, it is shown how information gathered from this complex interaction is used to find new leads to control FHB. 

Location Jozef Schell Seminar Room
Contact Prof Kris Audenaert
Laboratory of Applied Mycology and phenomics
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Ghent University