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"Studies for understanding the regulation of amino acid metabolism"

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Tuesday 03 December 2019, 11:00 - 12:30


Plants have mechanisms to adapt their metabolism to changing developmental demands and fluctuating environments. To understand the adaptation mechanism, we take metabolomics-based approach (1) in addition to molecular biological and biochemical studies (2, 3). We are focusing on metabolism of amino acids, because they play important roles as the building blocks of proteins and the precursors of plant hormones and various specialized (secondary) metabolites. In this seminar, I introduce our on-going studies on serine and related metabolism.

  1. Hirai and Shiraishi (2018) Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 54: 138
  2. Okamura and Hirai (2017) Sci. Rep. 7: 3533
  3. Akashi et al. (2018) Front. Plant Sci. 9:956  

Dr Masami Y. Hirai & Dr Kazuo Shinozaki will give a seminar on the same day which will start at 11 am.
Both presentations are given consecutively.

Location Jozef Schell Seminar Room
Contact Dr Masami Y. Hirai
RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS)