Agro-Biotech Valley

The Center for Plant Systems Biology, and VIB as a whole, have a long-standing tradition of converting basic science into successful industrial entities: Plant Genetic Systems (now BASF Agricultural Solutions Belgium NV, previously Bayer Crop Science), CropDesign (now a BASF Plant Science company), Devgen (now Syngenta) and Aphea.Bio.

Today, these companies, together with the center, form the largest European Plant Biotechnology campus (second largest in the world), employing over 800 persons dedicated to plant biotechnology. The bulk of this workforce has been established through the center’s outstanding scientific achievements and its remarkable ability to identify opportunities for building on scientific results for the exploration of commercial benefits. The integration of fundamental research and industrial applications is key to tap into the immense potential plants offer to build a sustainable world. The center has ongoing collaborations with each of these companies on this 'Tech Lane Ghent Science Park – Campus A'.